Our students say…

We are very keen to know what our students think about the education that they get and the time that they spend with us at TAA and so give them lots of opportunity to give feedback.  If you are considering training with us, and would like to know what it’s like, this page gives you an idea of what they have to say…

“I have been to three of the class weekends so far and have been thoroughly impressed with the style of teaching, the amount of practical sessions involved at this early stage and the dedication from the whole team”

“What we are learning is so fascinating and enjoyable; it really doesn’t feel like hard work at all!”

“Before beginning the course I was concerned about online learning, but it has been extremely well executed and developed by people who obviously love acupuncture and are passionate about teaching it to others.  I can’t praise the course and the tutors enough… You will love it!”

“As a student of only six months of five element acupuncture at The Acupuncture Academy, I was a bit apprehensive about going to the BAcC annual conference but was fully encouraged to attend.  I thought a lot of workshops and information would go over my head and be too deep for me to follow.  I was absolutely delighted to find that wasn’t the case and at every workshop I attended, although I learnt something new, I could keep up with the presentations and understood and followed what the speakers were talking about.  In my opinion, at TAA was have had a thorough grounding in acupuncture theory, including TCM principles, which equipped us perfectly for the conference.”

“I just wanted to send a big thank you to you both for the way that the teaching at TAA is obviously working so well for me. We are very lucky and honoured to have such a dedicated team”

“Juts got back from weekend two – on a high 🙂     It’s been a fantastic, positive and challenging learning experience.  It feels as though we have achieved a considerable amount of learning in only two days and it’s so good to be exposed to such practical learning so soon on the course – this is one of the many positive aspects of the course design

‘ I have been continually impressed with the e-learning aspects of the course.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to take to it but it is so well thought out and is able to keep my interest.  Keeping them fairly short and having numerous links and videos really helps as well.  And the faculty are truly very special.  They love what they do and it shows’

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