We are very keen to know what our students honestly think about the education that they get and the time that they spend with us at TAA and so they are given plenty of opportunity to provide us with feedback. All groups therefore take part in the Student Satisfaction Survey which is complied mid-way through the year and at the end of each academic year, and combines qualitative feedback as well as quantitative data (eg comments as well as scores!).

In class

Time out

But there’s no point getting feedback if you intend to ignore it and so after each SSS, a student group will be sent a detailed report on any changes that come about as a result of their input, as well as any changes that may be unachievable, with our rationale included.  ‘Because I said so‘ is NOT an option at TAA, and students most definitely have a voice and are heard.

We have looked at the scores from the SSS in the post above (Student Satisfaction Survey), but if you are considering training with us, and would like to know what it’s like, we have included some testimonials from students here as well …


‘Before beginning the course I was concerned about online learning, but it has been extremely well executed and developed by people who obviously love acupuncture and are passionate about teaching it to others.  I can’t praise the course and the tutors enough… You will love it!’ MS – 2nd yr student

‘The staff couldn’t be better. There is always someone to communicate with if need be. And I can’t speak highly enough of the e-lessons; while I was initially concerned with this area but turns out it is a highlight. I am amazed at how much thought has gone into everything’ RD – 1st year student


‘Having spoken to quite a few practitioners now, I am getting a sense about just how well equipped we will be by the time we qualify, thanks to all the hard work that everyone at TAA is putting into their teaching’ KL – 3rd (clinical) year student

‘Six months into the course I was a bit apprehensive about going to the BAcC annual conference but was fully encouraged to attend.  I thought a lot of workshops and information would go over my head and be too deep for me to follow.  I was absolutely delighted to find that wasn’t the case and at every workshop I attended, although I learned something new, I could keep up with the presentations and understood and followed what the speakers were talking about.  In my opinion, at TAA we have had a thorough grounding in all acupuncture theory, including TCM principles, which equipped us perfectly.’ YC – 1st year student 


‘The written guidelines have been very clear as far as word count, timings, submission and content goes.  On the occasions where I have had further questions they have been answered rapidly and effectively and I have been really pleased with the level of feedback that I have received for my assignments.  So great to receive solid, critical and constructive suggestions, and ways to progress my learning’ – LL – 1st year student  

Being in clinic

‘The first treatment I did was amazing! I’m just gutted that I have to wait a whole week to do it again!” JW – 3rd (clinical) year student

‘I just can’t believe that I am now getting paid to do something I love doing!’ CW – student in 2nd 6 months of clinical year 

Pastoral care

‘I wish that there was a ‘very strongly’ column for this section.  The tutors and Principals truly couldn’t have been more supportive or understanding.  Not only did they give me additional support in terms of an extension when I was struggling physically and emotionally, but their kind words, encouragement and wisdom really helped me to keep going when I was at a breaking point in my life’ DR – 2nd year student

‘The principals and tutors have GOT IT RIGHT! This accomplishment needs to be acknowledged – as what is provided by the college is a unique, nurturing, respectful and empowering learning experience. Such things are rare! What I feel really works is straight talking – no high-falutin language – sending a very strong message that the college wants to invest in us – make their knowledge accessible – and are totally committed to our development.’ AP – 1st year student 

Ethos and personal development

‘I’m sorry that I have no criticisms or suggestions to make on my Satisfaction Survey but I am humbled and simultaneously blown away by the ethos of the Principals, the tutors and entire school spirit.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for knowing me better than I knew myself’ CT – after one year at TAA

‘I’m really not the same person I was when I started the course.  I’ve grown so much, learned so much and gained so much.  It’s already been an incredible journey and I’, excited to discover what further transformations are in store’ – AH 2nd year student  


Graduate testimonials

‘The course was perfect, gave me a fantastic understanding of a multitude of subject areas’  – CW

‘Perfect course.  Loved it’ – CT

‘What is vitally important is the ability to do this course while still earning in another job.  You end the course with little debt unlike standard degree courses and already have a business up and running to build from’ – CP

‘I miss having a piece of work to hand in….. it’s a great motivator!!’ – YC

‘Thanks for all the hard work that you have put into making this course what it is and for your ongoing support 🙂 – KL

‘Thank you for all your incredible support, investment and dedication’ – AP

‘Continued access to the e-lessons and the continuous development of the content is extremely useful. I am very grateful to TAA for providing us with this – it’s an enormous benefit’ – SH

…On the continued support post-graduation we offer through our private Graduate facebook group:

It is fantastic being able to have somewhere to post questions and have feedback/suggestions/support so quickly from peers and tutors. And it is not just the answers to my own posts that are useful, reading other practitioners’ questions and the answers provides lots of helpful nuggets’ – KW


And finally…..

‘I have absolutely no doubt that I have chosen the right course and college for me.  I think that what you have created is amazing and hope that you are really proud of what you have achieved’ – SH 2nd year student

What a lovely group of people they are 😀