Our graduates – in business one year on…

Our graduates – in business one year on…

When thinking about undertaking a course like this, one thing people really want to know is, can I make a business out of being an acupuncturist?

We survey our graduates one year after leaving us, to find out whether our students are achieving what they want to. After all the marketing and business advice we give, and the tools we provide for free (such as a fully launched website, information for GPs, and a place in our Five Element acupuncturist public register)…. how are our graduates actually doing in practice?

The results for the latest group indicate all graduates are still in practice after one year. Phew, that’s a good start.

They work in a range of settings (most in more than one setting) from home clinics, multi-disciplinary clinics, and multi-bed clinics. Two set up their own clinics (also renting to other practitioners). One was offered a post attached to the NHS in a pain clinic setting. One set up a charity service in a women’s refuge… They really are getting around!

Most importantly – despite the fact that some decided to take it easy for a year before starting to build up their practice any more! – the average amount of treatments per week that they are carrying out, one year after leaving us, is 14. At an average treatment fee of £42-45 (conservatively, London prices are higher!!) this equates to a gross income of around £600 per week.

But how does this compare to how much work would they like to be doing?

On average, our graduates want to be carrying out 21 treatments per week. So, one year after leaving us, they are around 65% of the way to achieving their practice goals.

These results are very similar to all our previous one-year graduate surveys, so we can say with confidence – you have every chance of achieving not only your dream of becoming a competent acupuncturist, you’ll make money doing it too!

And even earlier in practice…

One graduate wrote to us six months after leaving, to let us know she’d taken on 68 new patients and carried out 322 treatments. Of those patients, some had come for fertility, and she had helped four conceive a baby already! She was also seeing many patients for anxiety or depression, and receiving referrals from the local mental health team. In addition, she was helping plenty of people with painful physical conditions.

Another said, six months after leaving: ‘After going through my TAA training for three years I was expecting to struggle for the first year or two of real practice. The reality has been that some magic has happened and I feel totally at home in my new vocation, Also, as a testament to my training and to the art of acupuncture, I can’t believe how effective my treatments have been.’