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The Acupuncture Academy is based in Leamington Spa, and is the only institution, fully accredited by the BAAB, that takes a fully blended approach to learning, attracting students from all over the UK. Our main acupuncture course is an Honours degree-level Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture, fully accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board.   The level of the award, and our accreditation status, means that our graduates will have achieved the highest educational standards for acupuncture in the UK and can apply to join the British Acupuncture Council (the UK’s largest professional body) on completion;  there is more on this in the ‘Prospectus’ section of the site, under ‘FAQs’.  An honours degree-level Professional Licentiate ensures that your education is balanced between the skills needed for the highest level of individual patient care, and the academic and scientific knowledge required of all health professionals.

Acupuncture course tuition

In class

In terms of the style of acupuncture taught at TAA,  our programme is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in the fundamental concepts of Oriental medicine (five element, eight principles, yin and yang), as well as the theory behind all clinical and diagnostic techniques. Focused on the theories of five element acupuncture and eight principle diagnosis – which together form the basis of all TCM practice – this programme is taught in such a manner as to make the question of  ‘do I study TCM, Five Element or Integrated’ irrelevant.  Our study methods mean that students come away with a well grounded understanding of TCM theories as well as the more person-centred Five Element style.  (For those of you who are reading this page without prior knowledge of the different styles available, more information can be found in our FAQs.)

In terms of delivery and structure, this acupuncture course is completely innovative, and was developed by an extremely experienced and dedicated team of acupuncture teachers and clinicians.  This re-think and re-design has extended into all areas, from the methods used for teaching and assessing complex materials, through to our unique clinical year model which is designed to support our third year students directly into independent clinical practice.

Central to everything that we do is both the well-being and welfare of our students, and the needs of the many patients that they will ultimately treat.  You can read more on this under ‘Vision and Values’

So what are the main benefits of this approach?

Use of Interactive Learning

This is the only acupuncture course in the BAAB accreditation process that takes a ‘fully blended ‘ approach to learning.  We introduce most  theoretical subjects on-line and support your learning using on-going forums and interactive tutor-time, which means that instead of simply sitting once through a lecture in class, then relying on handouts and your own scribbled notes when you get home, you are able to ‘attend’ the same lecture as many times as you like over the three year period.  This is intensive teaching and learning, and each ‘lesson’ is crafted to take you through the subject in a logical and accessible manner, with forums and tutor input available  whenever a question or a puzzle occurs to you.  You don’t have to rely on being the loudest in class, or worry about missing a vital lecture due to ill health., neither do you need to worry about identifying areas of confusion on the day or feeling foolish for asking questions repeatedly until you are clear about the answer.  These are very high quality, interactive lessons, which you can ‘attend’ as often as you like, whenever you like as long as you have completed the ones that are set between each class visit.  Our forums are friendly and accessible, and support your learning and development with an unlimited amount of tutor input.  Each and every question is welcomed because as you learn, so do your friends and colleagues!!

More hours in class on practical skills

Our use of e-learning, as well as the point location and skills videos that you will have access to throughout, means that we have a great deal of class time freed up for perfecting such vital practical skills.  This may be a ‘blended learning’ course but you will still spend around 140 additional hours over and above a comparable degree-level course, in class, learning and then fine-tuning many vital, practical skills such as pulse taking, point location, and more sensory diagnostic skills.  Our course is structure so that we are not simply ‘teaching acupuncture on-line’, or uploading a few handouts; we have a great deal more to offer you than that…

Secondary benefits

Point location class

Point location class

Not only can you ‘attend’ interactive lessons as often as you like and ask as many questions as you like, but the reduced attendance required by us (where other courses generally mean two days a week during term-time) results in less loss of earnings because studying can frequently be structured around work commitments.   There are also savings to be made in terms of reduced travel and accommodation costs for those that live a distance away, and perhaps more importantly than that, there is the possibility of spending more quality time with friends and family as you structure your independent learning in a way that suits you best.

And the third year?

The next big distinction is that our innovative clinical (third) year uses an ‘apprenticeship and mentorship’ model.  This means that wherever possible you would be treating patients, with full support and supervision from The Academy, at a clinic near to where you live. Attendance requirements at other institutions are usually weekly throughout third year, and so our model is much more accessible for distant learners and means that you would experience a more seamless and less stressful  transition into independent clinical practice, and could expect to graduate with a client base already in place.

We believe that our overall approach places us at the forefront of acupuncture education in the UK, and means that no-one is excluded from studying simply because they live too far from a teaching institution, or because they have busy work or family commitments.

So please read on!  We have tried to ensure that anything you might like to know is included on the site, but are always happy to answer questions in person or via email.  Making the right choice at this exciting point in your life is of paramount importance to us, whether that decision leads to The Academy, or to one of the other great teaching institutions that currently provide professional level qualifications in the UK.  It simply remains for us to send you our very best wishes for the next stage of your journey!

Jen, Julie and The Team

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