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For those of you who are perhaps too busy to stay on this site for long, here is a rapid tour around The Acupuncture Academy, our ethos and our course.  Just click on the image to read about ‘TAA in a nutshell’……

The professional licentiate at The Acupuncture Academy is the only fully accredited, honours degree level course in the UK that has its roots firmly planted in the Five Element tradition.  It is also the only accredited course to make such extensive use of new virtual learning technology (more on that later).  That is not to say that the ‘five elements’ is all that our students study though, because our course covers all aspects of Chinese medical theory as required by the BAAB, and by the British Acupuncture Council’s Education Guidelines.  This approach means that our students are not only highly skilled in working with the elements, but are also extremely ‘TCM literate’.

In addition, they study anatomy, research and biomedicine, with all subjects covered using a highly effective mix of class time, e-lessons, videos, tutorials and forums.  TAA graduates will therefore be well equipped for all and every eventuality that clinical practice can throw at them, and for those times when a practice situation falls outside their knowledge or experience……. well we are here to help and support them in that too!

We are totally unique….. teaching the very old using the very newest techniques ….. and we are responsible for passing on a system of medicine that we hold very dearly.  We see our students as individuals and understand that each and every one deserves to be treated as such, to be respected, and to be given the very highest standard of teaching and support.  Our External Examiners say: ‘The quality of feedback and detail provided to students is very impressive… it is a great strength of this course… students are always told exactly what they need to do to improve.’

TAA is a family, and we are proud of this. Family members are answerable to each other, and we are most definitely answerable to our students, putting them first at all times.  To this end every aspect of the course is tested and scored by them on a regular basis so that we can effect changes to their study experience as and when needed.  And if we can’t make the changes that they request??  Then we will explain why not in an open report which is circulated to all.  In our surveys to date, students have rated us anonymously across a wide range of criteria from the standards of our e-lessons through to ‘feeling equipped to move into practice’.  Our current ‘student satisfaction rating’, across all student groups, is 96% …. Check it out against the National Student Survey results 😀

But we won’t be sitting back on our laurels any time soon though!  We constantly look for improvements that can be made, for ‘added value’ that can be found, and for ways to ensure not only that students complete the course, but that they move into practice confidently and with the knowledge that we are still part of their journey in those all-important early years. Our graduates have a dedicated discussion forum to bring all their cases and questions to, so the support is very practical and there whenever needed.

Our graduate surveys reveal that within one year of leaving, these new practitioners are seeing 70% of the amount of patients they would ideally like to see, and within three years, the majority have reached their original practice goals, and are carrying out 21 treatments per week on average. Perhaps most importantly, 100% of our graduates are still practising at the time of writing, not a figure that any other institution can boast! Our graduates say that a big part of their success is our unique clinical year model, which offers students the opportunity to build up their business during the third year of the course in their own local area. It means that no-one has to start again from scratch on the day they walk out of the door. We are proud to be helping all our graduates make this transition successfully – we want you to have a great business as well as being a great acupuncturist!

So, we work with humour, with diligence, and with the happiness and welfare of our students, our graduates and their patients at the heart of every single decision that we make.  Taken together, this is the ‘TAA difference’…

Enough about us then, we guess you will want to carry on with your ‘information gathering’.  If this is the case then simply head to our homepage by clicking on the logo at the very top of the screen.  Full course details can be found under ‘Acupuncture Course‘, more general questions are dealt with under ‘Prospectus‘, and if you are really keen and want to look at the dates for our future groups, then head for ‘TAA Calendar‘.

And if you are going to leave our site at this stage, thank you so much for taking the time to visit…..


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