Preview sessions

We have intakes in Spring and Autumn (usually starting late March and late September), but you can attend any preview session throughout the year. These sessions are an opportunity for you to visit us in person, and to meet up with tutors as well as other prospective students. There will be presentations and discussions about the course and our approach to acupuncture, demonstrations of the e-learning component, as well as lots of opportunities for asking additional questions and trying out some practical skills such as pulse taking.We will have time to carry out a small number of interviews on the day, so if you’d like us to book that in for you, please send in your application well in advance.  You are very welcome simply to join us for the day without applying however, and send your form in afterwards should you decide we are the right institution for you.

Our next preview sessions will take place on:

  • Thursday 12th November 2020
  • Thursday 21st January 2021

To book a place at either session, please go to our Contact Us page, or call us on (01926) 730284.

And for those of you that would rather not wait until the next Preview session….. feel free to get in touch and arrange for an earlier personal visit – these can usually be held on Wednesdays or Thursdays, including evenings.

Comments from attendees…

Attending the preview was pivotal for me to get a sense of the place, the ethos, the syllabus, and get stuck into some essential practical skills – to see how they ‘sat’ with me.  I also was able to gauge the level and pace of the course to see whether it felt manageable. 

It was evident how the course has been conceived, developed and delivered with passion, authenticity and heart.  The incredible experience and commitment of the staff, and the ‘student centredness’ of the teaching and support is tremendous.’  AP

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