An Introduction to Alchemical Acupuncture

An Introduction to Alchemical Acupuncture

The Five Elements, the Five Spirits and the Spirit of the Points as Portals to Transformation

with Lorie Dechar M.Ac.

In this intensive two-day workshop, Lorie Dechar will introduce participants to her work as an Alchemical Acupuncturist. The focus will be on the Axel and the Wheel, the symbolic map of psycho-spiritual transformation that she has developed through her research into alchemy, traditional Chinese medicine, and modern depth psychology as well as over three decades of clinical experience in the treatment room.

The weekend will include an in-depth look at the transformative dynamics of the sheng and k’o cycles, the relationship between the spirits and the elements, and the relevance of these symbolic maps to the healing of psychological and spirit-level pathologies endemic to contemporary culture. In addition, participants will be introduced to the art of the kigo: the use of spirit points to enhance the depth and power of an alchemical treatment.

The workshop will include didactic and experiential components so
come prepared to gain theoretical information as well as personal insight into
your own neidan, or internal alchemy.

Lorie Eve Dechar is the author of Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Transformation, The Alchemy of inner Work,and Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the Changing Seasons. She originally trained as a Five Element Acupuncturist and has practiced acupuncture since 1985. For the past two decades, the focus of Lorie’s work has been on psycho-spiritual healing and transformation, and the alchemical underpinnings of traditional Chinese medicine. With her husband, Benjamin Fox, she is co-founder of A New Possibility, dedicated to shifting current attitudes toward health and healing, and the Alchemical Healing Mentorship program, which trains practitioners to work at the level of the soul. To read more about Lorie and Modern Day Alchemy please go to

Course Dates: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November 2020

Cost: £185.00 per person

Location: The Acupuncture Academy Ltd, Leamington Spa. CV32 4LY

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