About the clinic

About the clinic

Acupuncture clinic

Acupuncture clinic space

Welcome to TAA’s patient information area .  Here you will find information on TAA’s community acupuncture clinic, and you can access our register that lists some of the five element acupuncturists that are currently working in the UK (and Europe).  This register is in its early days however, so please be aware that there are many more five element practitioners out there!  If you know of any though, please invite them to contact us as a listing is totally free…

The in-house community clinic

The Academy is committed to widening access to acupuncture treatment within our local community, and so when we are not teaching our main space houses the TAA community clinic.  It is run on a ‘multi-bed’ model, which means that patients can be treated more swiftly than in private practice, in a large space where the treatment couches are divided up by screens to maintain privacy. This model of practice allows a practitioner to see more patients in a day, and so treatment costs are kept low for the patient. The clinic is therefore particularly useful for pensioners and those on benefits or a low wage.

If you would like to book a treatment with the Acupuncture Community Clinic you can contact them on 07999 779219 or through their website.

Currently  fees are £20 for a treatment

The Community clinic is registered with the Association of Community and Multibed Clinics, whose site provides more information on this ever more popular model of treatment.