with Lori Hillman

Five Elements and Energetics of Food and Nutrition within the context of Human and Planetary Ecology – A Practical and Experiential Approach

A course of 5 one day workshops from March to October 2020.

Each one day course covers each element and –

  • the interdependent pattern of human and planEtary health
  • wisdom of soil – The reciprocal transformation of vital life force
  • food energetics of the season – transformation of nutritional energies from soil to plate
  • inner exercises for each element, to heighten our perception of nature within the beautiful Jephson gardens

Given the difficulties we are facing with a changing climate and a changing world, practitioners need to be ever more resourceful in finding ways to support those we treat as well as ourselves.

Lori has her acupuncture practice in Gilbraltar and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element and Food Energetics. She has worked with chefs, medical herbalists and nutritionalists. Lori has a three centred approach to learning, so you should be able to ‘experience’ each element and the flow of all the elements at once within our intellect, our feelings and our bodies.

There is a key within Five elements to be shared with our patients in order to support them beyond the treatment room. This key will unlock our ability to experience each element and the flow of all elements at once, so that we can verify the patients energies for ourselves.

The course is open to Acupuncture Students and Practitioners and each workshop can be booked individually or all five workshops.

Course dates:

  • Friday 13th March 2020 (Wood)
  • Friday 22nd May 2020 (Fire)
  • Friday 17th July 2020 (Earth)
  • Friday 25th September 2020 (Metal)
  • Friday 30th October 2020 (Water)

Location: The Acupuncture Academy Ltd, Leamington Spa. CV32 4LY

Cost: £90.00 per workshop per person

Bookings through TAA web site contact page or email