An introduction to treating babies and children

An introduction to treating babies and children

Are babies and children missing out on the many, outstanding benefits of acupuncture because you do not feel knowledgeable or confident enough to treat them?

An introduction to the fundamentals of treating babies and children with Rebecca Avern

This is a two-day course with a mix of theory and practical work which will enable you to take the first steps towards treating babies and young children.  You will learn why and in what way babies and children need an entirely different approach to adults.  You will come away able to support the growth and development of babies and young children with non-invasive treatment techniques and needles. 

Day 1 Day 2
Fundamental guidelines – where do I begin? Safety – how do I make sure I do no harm? Diagnosis – observation, pulse, tongue and palpation in babies and young children. Recognising key patterns of imbalance. Recognising Five Element imbalances in children   Needling children. Other treatment modalities. Putting together a treatment. How do I know if I am doing the right thing: understanding the effect of your treatment. Working with families: dealing with dynamics inside and outside the treatment room

Patients in class are welcomed.  Comprehensive course materials will be emailed in advance.  Please note: Further training will be needed to begin to treat more complex cases or to open a children’s clinic.  This course does not include the treatment of teenagers. 

Rebecca is a senior lecturer and clinical supervisor at CICM.  After qualifying in 2001, she spent 4 years working alongside and assisting Giovanni Maciocia in the writing of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine.  In 2012, she founded an acupuncture centre for the treatment of children in Oxford – the Panda Clinic.  Her clinical work is now entirely with children.  She teaches paediatrics at undergraduate and post-graduate level.  She is the author of the textbook Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers, which was published by Singing Dragon in 2018. Her blog isNurturing the Young‘.

Course date: Thursday 30th April and Friday
1st May 2020, 10.00am to 5.00pm

Location: The Acupuncture Academy, Leamington Spa,
CV32 4LY

Cost: £185.00 per person  

EARLY BIRD BOOKING £165 per person
until 17th January 2020

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