ALEC, and e-learning

ALEC, and e-learning

ALEC is the friendly name that we gave to the Academy Learning and E-Community;  the platform that we use to  deliver on-line lessons to our students.  It is designed as a ‘one-stop-shop’ where you can access everything that you need to progress through the course including the e-lessons themselves, all handbooks and forms, referencing guides, point location videos, skills videos, and links to external bodies and journals.  ALEC also allows students to message each other and their tutors, and to take part in forum discussions which will support their learning across all subjects.  These lessons and forums are accessible throughout the course, which means that you are able to return time and time again to any lessons that might have seemed less simple first time around, impressing yourself  with just how much you are learning and progressing!


A screen shot of ALEC

In addition, there are prompts throughout about hand-in dates and academic requirements, and each intake has a separate ‘course’ (this example belongs to our S2012 first year group) which means that your thoughts, comments and puzzles are only shared with your tutors and your classmates.

We have spent a great deal of time ensuring that ALEC is a clear and well organised platform, meaning that even the least IT savvy students can feel fully in control.  In fact, our first intake contained one student who had no computer experience whatsoever and she has progressed quite happily, with a little judicious help from her teaching team!  In addition, and as ever, the very comprehensive Student Handbook contains a section that shows you exactly how to use ALEC, including many helpful pictures and handy arrows.

A lack of IT knowledge really shouldn’t be any barrier to successfully navigating and completing this course!!