Dr Beverley de Valois

Dr Beverley de Valois

Dr Beverley de Valois studied acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading and at the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China.

After graduating in 1999, she joined the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, a cancer drop-in and information associated with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Northwood, Middlesex.  Here, she has worked part-time as a Research Acupuncturist since 2000, and focuses on investigating the use of acupuncture to improve quality of life for cancer survivors.

In 2007, she was awarded a PhD by the University of West London for her research into using acupuncture to manage tamoxifen side effects in women with breast cancer.  She has just completed exploratory research into using acupuncture in the management of lymphoedema, funded by the National Institute of Health (NIHR) Research for Innovation, Speculation and Creativity (RISC) programme.

Beverley also practices privately, and runs the Women’s Clinic in Uxbridge, where she focuses on women’s health.  She is committed to the use of 5 Element acupuncture in her practice and in her research, and is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol.

In 2011, she was elected a Fellow of the British Acupuncture Council  in recognition of her contribution to the acupuncture profession in the UK.


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