Tuina Foundation Course

Tuina Foundation Course

with Tim Sullivan

A 5 day introductory course

This is an introduction course to tui na. We will cover all the tui na techniques. A simple and effective diagnosis and strategy to treat pain, restricted movement and mobilise healing by releasing the channels and freeing the storage sites of pathology. The course will cover a complete diagnosis and treatment using tui na.

Tui na is one of the four pillars of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tui na and qi gong). Each modality shares theory and treatment strategies to move qi and blood to heal. Tui na uses area routines, acupressure, holographic systems such as reflexology and hands off healing to move qi and blood.

The development of acupuncture needle techniques come from adapting tui na techniques. This course will focus on the importance of touch diagnosis to feel qi, blood, wind, cold, damp and heat and how to apply various techniques to overcome these obstructions.

Tim Sullivan has been teaching tui na for over 15 years and has a practice mainly focused on treating with tui na. He has been studying Classical Chinese medicine with Jeffrey Yuen and is currently studying for a Phd with him.

The course is available to anyone with bodywork experience, massage therapists or those versed in Chinese medicine and want to add tui na. It is open to acupuncture students as well as graduates.

Course dates: Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August 2020

Location: The Acupuncture Academy Ltd, Leamington Spa. CV32 4LY

Cost: £540.00 per person (Early Bird £20.00 discount before 1st May 2020)

Bookings through TAA web site contact page or email